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Steve Dutton

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My mission is to help you find solutions for your concerns.

Steve Dutton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Licensed Mental Health Counselor, received both his undergraduate degree (1998) and Masters of Arts in Counseling (2005) from Indiana Wesleyan University. He owns and operates Family Piece Counseling, a small private practice dedicated to helping marriages, families and individuals “put together the pieces that bring peace and joy to their lives and homes”.

His areas of experience include providing premarital, marital, family, group, and individual therapy. Steve believes that Christ is the source of life, hope, and peace. Currently he provides Marriage and family therapy as well as clinical consultation a variety of groups within Howard and surrounding communities. Steve has previous experience working in community mental health, residential, and foster care settings. Steve uses systems and attachment based therapies to stabilize and improve family functioning.

Steve can help people with specific issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Behavioral problems
  • Behavioral addictions
  • Men’s issues
  • Marital enrichment
  • Premarital enrichment
  • Marriage counseling
  • Marital or family disruption, disenchantment, detachment or crisis
  • Difficulties related to life transitions
  • Military related transitions and stresses
Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How do you view counseling?

Counseling can be a process where couples, families, and individuals learn to connect, love, recover, and grow. I believe Christian Counseling is a collaboration of you, God and myself in a process designed to build hope, add joy, improve health, create peace, or enhance productivity. A counseling experience is unique to each person since it is a very individual process that focuses on each person’s concerns, capacities and story.

2) What can meeting with a counselor help?

People often find that counseling helps with a variety of ‘Personal’, ‘People’, or ‘Performance’ problems: Personal issues such as problematic behaviors, feelings, attitudes, or beliefs. People issues might be represented by relationship problems between friends, couples or within families. People issue might also show up in task oriented relationships between co-workers, supervisor/worker relations, business partners, or team

3) Can things really get better?

Because of Jesus’s words in John 10:10 we know that not only does he desire abundant
life for us, but also that the very center of his mission in coming was to bring life. He
came to restore us to his original design. God’s good news is that he radically loves us
despite our failure, our guilt, our sin, or our pain. The result is that we can be set free
from what imprisons us and oppresses us. We can experience healing and
transformational power in our bodies, minds, emotions, spirit, relationships, and
performance (Luke 4:18). God did not come into the world so that we could learn to
cope; he came to bring us full life, to invite us into his purpose, and to cultivate us that
our lives would produce much good fruit (Luke 13:6-9).


  • Practicality: services will be provided in ways that are easily accessible for families. Families will be equipped with tools, skills, and knowledge that are practical and useable.
  • Resourcefulness: helping families use or develop resources that are accessible to them
  • Respectful: to engage families in relationships and activities which honor their strengths, respects their values, and accomplishes their purposes and goals.
  • Community Based: helping families develop a supportive community.
  • Modeling: services will be provided in ways that model love, honor, grace, empowerment, connection, and unity.
  • Commitment: committing to serve client’s best interest, committing to be accessible, and responsive to clients and referral sources.
  • Collaboration: to support, encourage, build-up, and link together others who are working to improve family health in this community.
  • God Empowered: to acknowledge God as provider, guide, and power behind the resources and energies of this company.
How can Steve help?

  • Find solutions,
  • Find alternatives,
  • Find ways to cope,
  • Build hope,
  • Help you move closer to your goal,
  • Decrease obstacles,
  • Generate change.

Contact Steve for more information or schedule an appointment here.


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